Planning and executinghuman-centric programs forcorporate CSR initiatives


Sustainable, impactful results forcorporates, NGOs and social enterprisesthrough research andstrategy-based consulting

Community events andbest-of-class practicesfor partner network training needs

Powerful brand identitiesand digital footprintsfor NGOs and social enterprises

Impactful design for sustainability reports basedon global frameworks


According to an ancient Eastern belief, an invisible red thread connects those whose lives we are destined to impact. It is believed that these threads may stretch or tangle but will never break. The myth of the red string is a way to understand our diverse connections and encounters as predetermined. A scarlet tapestry whose threads are given to us when we are born, which we knit ourselves and are not random triumphs or accidents.
At idstats research, we believe that while each of us joins the world with invisible red threads. As individuals, the choice of knitting more meaningful weaves to create social impact lies within us. And so, Red Thread CSR was born; to enable and empower NGOs, corporates and social enterprises to weave richer tapestries for maximum social impact. We curate and map needs, design, and implement community programs through research, branding, governance, and skill development.

Our Mission

We support and help our partners address society's most important challenges and opportunities, while building the next generation of socially conscious leaders.

Our Vision

We help corporates, NGOs and social enterprises achieve their goals through high impact consulting and design assignments. We do this through a range of services that include Research, Design, CSR and Sustainability Design, Sustainability Reporting and Training Programmes in addition to providing a Partner Network.

Our Services


Research, Impact Assessment & Training Strategy

Research is pivotal to understanding the needs of your consumers and assessing outcomes. We canalso help you analyse and draw insights from digital data, primary research, and the programmedata you have collected. We help you curate and use this data to create grant proposals, evaluations, fiscal monitoring, resource allocation as well as project planning. We do this keeping your sustainability goals and carbon footprint in focus.


Branding and Website Design

We derive valuable insights from your data to define your brand strategy, based on which we create a powerful brand identity for you. Our services include brand strategy and positioning, logo and corporate identity design, website design and brand manual creation, in addition to report design for your online and offline publications. We also support online campaigns and design relevant SEO/SEM strategies.


Training and Brainstorming Workshops

We leverage our extensive domain expertise and library of knowledge areas to build exciting and engaging training and brainstorming workshop sessions for you. The workshops include pro-bono training in the areas of needs assessment, driving sustainable outcomes, digital marketing, design thinking, the nuts and bolts of market research and impact assessment sessions.


Networking, Advocacy and Sustainability Living

Working on principles of shared responsibility, RedThread CSR works with a vision to help people adopt a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. Towards this we have partnered with Action Impact to build awareness for a variety of SDG goals like sustainable production and consumption, urbanagriculture and building an inclusive society.

How We Deliver

Our team of dedicated sustainability and social sector consultants are committed to working with corporates, NGOs and social enterprises. We understand the risks and opportunities in pursuing sustainability and social sector endeavours, while providing strategies and a viable action plan within existing corporate and NGO structures.
We also support our not-for-profit and social eEnterprise partners with cost effective, high impact consulting services. To deliver these outcomes we leverage the expertise of the idstats research team and the Action Impact Team. We also welcome support students and skills-based volunteers on board.
Our skill-based volunteers are University/Poly/ITEs students who wish to support RedThread .statsdi%40RSC They can apply to Action Impact (a social enterprise that is committed to youth winnitude). Volunteers will be given the opportunity to work on a 8-12 week project. All student volunteers will be put through a formal training before being assigned to a project. This training would cover Consulting Basics, Consulting Values, Social Sector Landscape, Solution Formulation, Case Analysis & Frameworks, Research Methods, Problem Solving Tools and Presentation Skills. The training would be a 2-day session. Upon completion they would be confirmed as intern project consultants.

Sectors We Serve


CSR & Philanthrophy


Environmental Sustainability


Arts And Culture