About Us

Red thread CSR is an initiative that seeks to provide strategy, design and impact assessment and sustainability reporting services to Do Good Organizations or Purpose Led Organization. The initiative is the brainchild of Anila Shrivastava and Shonali Madapa, who have more than 5 decades of cumulative experience in building strategy for purpose-led brands, building experiences to deliver on strategy and implementing partnerships and strategy to drive impact.
They are motivated by the knowledge that many Do Good Organzations or Purpose Led Organizations often lack the resources to invest in strategy, design, learning and implementing the best-of-class sustainability strategies. To address this gap, they have conceptualized the Red Thread initiative.


Anila Shrivastava

Anila Shrivastava has 20+ years global experience in market
research & insight (with 10 years spent in South East Asia),
and is the founder of idstats Research & Consulting. idstats
Research specializes in using explicit, implicit and analytics
to fuel growth and design change for its clients. She is also a
sustainability specialist who is committed to supporting
corporates, NGO's /social enterprises to assess ESG risk and
opportunities through the Red Thread CSR @idstats initiative.

She is passionate about youth empowerment (Action Impact
Pte Ltd). Currently leverages gamification to help youth
enhance their sustainability consciousness.

She is also a part of the MRSS Executive Committee and an
Adjunct Lecturer at Republic Polytechnic.


Shonali Madapa

Shonali Madapa has three decades of experience in branding and advertising and is the founder of Lumos Design. Her experience has made one thing clear: brands must listen to their audience. It is only then then that they can speak to them in a cohesive, coherent and engaging way.
After a decade of working as an art director, graphic designer, brand custodian and several related roles in agencies like Ogilvy and Saatchi, she started Lumos as her independent practice in 1997. Ever since, in collaboration with photographers, writers, developers, strategists and other creatives, she has led projects for large corporates, startups, NGOs and individuals in the technology, consumer, financial, educational and social sectors.
She believes that good design is the driver that can change mindsets and impact sustainable living. She collates social, cultural, behavioural and natural patterns and interprets them, leading her to build distinctive brands by crafting unique experiences across traditional media, physical spaces, the digital world and everything in between.