KNow helped Leeza’s Care Connection determine their HUGS program’s value

KNow helped Leeza’s Care Connection determine their HUGS program’s value

What was the issue?

Every summer, the KNow Research team nominates and chooses a non-profit organization for their pro-bono project. This year’s recipient was Leeza’s Care Connection, a caregiving organization founded by Leeza Gibbons, who’s mission is to help those caring for their loved ones. Using a multi-phased approach, the KNow team determined the unique benefits of their HUGS program (Helping U Grow Strong) to help clarify their positioning for communication, messaging and outreach expansion.

What was achieved?

The results discovered that the HUGS model is a truly one-of-a-kind caregiving program. The psycho-social aspect of the program is what sets them apart and their human-centered approach to caregiving with an emphasis on caring, listening & providing comfort is the heart of the program. The findings determined a clear communications and messaging strategy that will allow them to reach a broader audience and create more opportunity for volunteer & donor expansion. The findings will be used for strategic and tactical marketing efforts, including the education of donors and stakeholders. As part of the deliverables, KNow put together a video to showcase at their annual Dare 2 Care fundraiser last November. Snippets of the IDI’s were featured, thus giving their volunteers a platform where their voices could be heard sharing their caregiving experiences and the importance of the HUGS program. It’s a tearjerker. I recommend a tissue. before viewing.


The competitive review, survey, and in-depth interviews allowed KNow to uncover the unique benefits of the HUGS program and the depth of the loyalty of their volunteers last fall. The competitive review discovered that the HUGS program provided more direct human interaction & personal connection than other related health/caregiving organizations. The survey determined the program’s level of awareness and the IDI’s uncovered the value and importance it holds for the caregivers and LCC community.

Who did the work?

KNow Research