Volunteer Management Solutions for Non-profits

Volunteer Management Solutions for Non-profits

Managing a volunteer program is a big challenge from hiring dedicated and professional volunteers to ensuring that they are organized and qualified to get the job done. You don't waste time on spreadsheets and e-mails. Imagine being able to do twice as much in half the time? You do this with a volunteer management approach, thus increasing the positive effect of the organization. Here are the Volunteer Management you need to help you save time and increase your impact.

Online Volunteer Recruitment

Recruiting volunteers can be tenacious and time-consuming but it doesn't have to be. You can create a tailored recruiting process using an online voluntary recruiting tool that helps you to gather all the details you need to place the right volunteer in the right roles. Here's a list of features you 'd be searching for:

·         Robust position and qualification to create a consistent hiring strategy before beginning the recruitment process

·         Logic application questions and position marking to simplify the experience of your volunteers by asking them only appropriate questions based on their preferences or qualifications

·         Waiver, qualification and compilation of paperwork during recruitment process

·         Person and community sign-up skills ensure that each volunteer has their desired experience

Volunteer Screening & Scheduling

When a wide pool of potential volunteers has been identified, it's time to start screening and scheduling them. A approach to volunteer management will help save time when doing better placement work. Below are only a few things to remember:

·         An simple to use volunteer scheduling tool to build the tasks or shifts of your program that gives you the freedom to work your preferred way with multiple views and bulk acts

·         Smart matching technology that provides best matching recommendations based on volunteer preferences, qualifications and availability, streamlining the screening process

·         Automated notification to keep volunteers updated when changing stuff.

Volunteer Tracking & Communications

To ensure that your volunteers are set up and ready to succeed, you need to have a full picture of what's happening at all times without actually being with them on the spot. You can provide help from anywhere with the right resources, from volunteer attendance monitoring to fast follow up communications. Check out a few features here:

·         A mobile volunteer app that you and volunteers can use to connect, view records, timetables and other important information from anywhere

·         Volunteer check-in and reporting features for smartphone / kiosk

·         Communication skills transmitted to deliver vital messages to all volunteers working to help keep us aware and safe

Centralized Volunteer Database and Reporting  

For an entity, you need an operational and program level centralized database of all the volunteers. This helps you to handle and maintain good relationships with your valued volunteers better by giving them resources they'll be interested in. Data collection and reporting are necessary if the program success is to be monitored and its effectiveness calculated. Make sure that your volunteer management system offers the following functionality:

·         A comprehensive and unified database of volunteers with bulk behavior and filters for fast management

·         Custom recording and monitoring of attendances

·         External reports on volunteer results and star ranking