The NGO Network - Singapore

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Mercy Relief

Non-government humanitarian organization, aiming to provide assistance to disaster stricken communities and initiate local and international development projects in sanitation, shelter, healthcare and education

Phone: (+65) 6332 6320

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Very Special Arts (VSA Singapore)

Charity to provide people with disabilities, opportunities to access the arts for rehabilitation and social integration.

Phone: (+65) 6448 6275

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Relief Singapore

Singapore based social enterprise whose mission is to engage in peace building working and humanitarian works displaced in conflicts, natural/man made calamities and climate change.

Phone: NA


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Metta Welfare Association

Buddhist charitable organization focusing on affordable, accessible healthcare as well as provision for those with disabilities and special needs

Phone: (+65) 6580 4688

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HOME - Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics

Voluntary welfare organization offering assistance to migrate workers, including domestic workers. Volunteers and internship opportunities

Phone: (+65) 6344 0224

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NGO dedicated to enriching lives through financial education, Aidha serves female migrant workers in Singapore, teaching skills in confidence-building,money management and entrepreneurship

Phone: (+65) 6341 5287

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Singapore Heart Foundation

The goal of this foundation is to increase awareness to reduce death and disability due to cardiovascular diseases and stroke

Phone: (+ 65) 6354 9340

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Friends of the Museums (FOM)

Volunteer organization supporting Singapore's visual arts and heritage with the National Heritage Board

Phone: (+65) 6337 37685

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Clarity Singapore

Charitable organization respoding to mental health needs in Singapore. Counselling, workshops and activities

Phone: (+65) 6757 7990

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NGO founded to help youth build hope, find worth and live destiny driven lives

Phone: (+ 65) 9230 3315

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Pass It On

Non profit project that distributed unwanted but useful items to the needy (home appliances, home furniture, medical aids, mobility aids, learning aids)

Phone: (+ 65) 8511 9160

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SACAC Counselling

NGO dedicated to serving the local and expatriate community. Counselling, community programs and sports offices.

Phone: (+65) 6733 9249

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Guide Dogs Association of the Blind

Helping the blind or visually impaired enhance their quality of life through better mobility around their environment.

Phone: (+65) 6339 7900

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We Care Community Services

Treatment programs and recovery support for all types of addictions. Training resources for learning to individuals seeking treatment, professionals, students and volunteers.

Phone: (+ 65) 6547 5459

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Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS)

Non-profit volunteer organization that promotes Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Workshops and seminars on Ayurvedic cooking, beauty care, stress management and geriatric care.

Phone: (+65) 8113 5443

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Organization empowering all persons with Cerebral Palsy to realize their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives. Volunteers and social enterprise projects are welcome.

Phone: (+65) 6585 5600

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Social community promoting awareness of water issue and recycling. Sells reusable water bottles with proceeds helping to finance water and sanitation projects in Asia.

Phone: NA

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World Wildlife Fund - Singapore

Global organization for conservation of the world's biological diversity and ecology

Phone: (+65) 6730 8100

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Ground-Up Initiative

Volunteer-driven non profit community seeking to spread environmental awareness and sustainability through such as the Sustainable Living Kampung

Phone: (+65) 9658 6148

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ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC)

Rescue center for animals in Singapore and an advocate to end animal cruelty

Phone: (+65) 6892 9821

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Asia-Europe Foundation

Organization promoting greater understanding between Asia and Europe through intellectual, cultural and people to people exchanges.

Phone: NA

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Netherlands Charity Association

Raises funds with a number of annual events to support local projects and initiatives and benefit the underprivileged in Singapore

Phone: NA

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European Union Center

Aims to promote knowledge and understanding of EU, its institutions, policies and impact on Singapore and the region

Phone: (+ 65) 6513 2006

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Singapore International Foundation

Non-profit organization for helping Singapore's globalization efforts. Actively engages Singaporeans and PR's in international volunteerism.

Phone: (+65) 6837 8700

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Singapore Committee for UN Women

NGO working towards womens' empowerment and gender equality in developing countries. Volunteer and internship opportunities.

Phone: (+65) 6837 8700

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HCSA Day Spring

Voluntary social welfare service for women and girls at risk in Singapore.

Phone: (+65) 6745 3532

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Aware - Association of Women for Action and Research

Singapore's leader gender equality advocacy group. Research and advocacy, education and training, support services and helping for women.

Phone: (+65) 6779 7137

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Asian Women's Welfare Center

Registered voluntary organization with programmes for the elderly, disabled and families in need. Hires professionals with skills and knowledge to help client lead dignified and independent lives.

Phone: (+ 65) 6511 5200

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Riverkids Project

Organization working against the exploitation of children and child trafficking in Cambodia.Phone: (+65) 6270 2180

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Floral Designers Society Singapore

Society to recognize and promote the art of floral design as a professional careerPhone: (+ 65) 9754 5190

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National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS)

NGO commited to addressing the needs of publishers, book suppliers, and libraries, as well as promoting the literary arts communityPhone: (+ 65) 6342 5119

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T.H.E Dance Company

NGC for young, talented dancers aged 18-25. Volunteering, outreach opportunities and workshops.Phone: (+65) 6345 8454

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