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With our highly experienced and expertise branding and marketing team, Red Thread @ idstats aims to working along with NGOs and Corporate to help them build their footprint; be it in the digital universe (internet/online) or in the tangible world. Our vision is to help our clients make more astute business decisions.
We strive to put together solutions to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. We constantly seek out conceptual and highly-creative ideas for our clients. A brand is a company’s identity and a business’ trademark, and it tells a story about your positioning in the market. Strong branding, however, gets you through the door, outshine your competitors and keeps you there.
Through the primary, secondary research and digital research we seek to build a deep understanding of people, and the tensions and needs they have in specific moments of the day. We then input this to our clients to enable them to define compelling solutions for the consumer segments of interests.


Sectors We Serve

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

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