Strategic Planning


Entrepreneurs, executives, and leadership teams are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the future growth and viability of their organization. Their leadership is necessary to identify direction, set goals, determine priorities, quantify growth, build and strengthen core competencies, and craft initiatives that will measurably move the organization to the next level of performance.
With our expertise in strategic planning, data insights, innovation and design thinking, Red Thread @ idstats helps NGOs and Corporate create a decisive strategic plan of action crafted for their needs.
Our consulting experience which spans a wide range of industries enables us to design and facilitate a strategic process that suits your culture, planning experience, and desired outcomes.
We also help NGOs and Corporate with trends planning. The better we are able to see the developing trends, the better our vision, scenarios and future perspectives will become. This is the base of all our futurism. Hence, we help you spot both hard and soft trends.

Our Process

Develop a Vision

Evaluate & Analyze

determination-resolution- aspiration- determination- wish

Determine and Commit

Understand the Culture


Initiate Updates

Sectors We Serve

Arts and Culture

Miscellaneous 72 expandlines

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Education and Personal Development

Public Health

Social Welfare


Social enterprise

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